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First Breath, Last Breath
Video Projected on Main Wall
Multi Channel Video

Exhibit Comments: "... with its emphasis on the cycle of birth and rebirth—also very much called to mind, for me, the work of Samuel Beckett. One thinks of the famous line from Waiting for Godot, 'We give birth astride of a grave/The light gleams an instant/Then it’s night once more.' Even more so, Beckett’s own play Breath is invoked for any viewer of O’Dell’s piece who remembers that famous cry on stage, a cry of both an infant and an expiring adult, first breath and last."

"I was deeply touched by O’Dell’s effort to give her father a voice and presence in her piece. The juxtapositions—particularly in the haircutting scenes—were tremendously poignant and worked for me in a way that conjured up both loss and hope. O’Dell’s close attention to visual imagery—the bed, the halo in the father’s pocket, the scissors—will haunt me for a long time."
Debbie Geis