Projects > 0-6: Maggie's Light

The night we learned we would have a baby, our barn was destroyed by a 100 mile an hour wind-- a derrecho. As our barn inched closer to the earth, my daughter grew and thrived.

0-6, includes photographs taken of my daughter from birth to age six. The photographs record her beauty, while the medical definitions reference the challenges of parenting an excessively ill child.

Many of the images are taken around our home and property, which was previously a working farm in central Indiana. The landscape and historic buildings that surround our family are a container for family memories, ours and those of families that have come before.

Light illuminates the contents of this container, and also serves as a symbol for both the chaos and splendor of mothering. Bringing a child into the world is the most powerful, life changing, demanding and inspirational experience I’ve ever known. 0-6: Maggie’s Light, is my attempt to visualize this experience.