Cindy O'Dell

I have documented the world around me since I was 13. I strive to subvert both traditional documentary practice and narrative structures, revealing both their flaws and potential. I am a storyteller and documentarian, but ultimately I am more interested in dispelling stereotypes, than representing a single perspective on reality. Thematically, I explore notions of gender identity; biography and self; and land, memory and place. I also work within a cultural and/or historical framework, that ties together both local and global concerns, often in relation to displacement.

I find inspiration from archives, both personal and public. I use these sources as a device to deepen the discussion about the ideas I am exploring. My practice embodies activism -- seeking to enlighten the viewer and incite change or, at the very least, create awareness. My goal is to create transformative experiences for the viewer- which resonate beyond aesthetics. Ultimately, I attempt to find beauty in the midst of human struggle, while providing a passage for a multitude of voices.