Cindy O'Dell

I am a photographer, video artist, and author who employs an experimental documentary style to counter traditional modes of representation. I routinely push the boundaries of the genre, employing mixed media, text and image, non-narrative video and multi-channel installation.

Thematically, I explore notions of gender identity; biography and self; and land, memory and place. I work within a cultural and/or historical framework that ties together both personal and global concerns. I often employ the autobiographical format to explore larger issues, such as gender and class. I am interested in dispelling stereotypes and my practice embodies activism -- seeking to enlighten the viewer and incite change or, at the very least, create awareness. I explore loss narratives, both personal and public and try to use the power of a visual language to conceptually subvert inequitable power systems. Ultimately, through my experimental documentary work, I attempt to find beauty in the midst of the human struggle.